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Have You Been Sued By A Creditor or Collection Agency?  Don't Ignore the Lawsuit!

When creditors and collectors file a lawsuit against you, they are taking the first steps in trying to forcibly collect the debt from you through either garnishment, seizure, repossession, or in some instances, foreclosure.  If you are served with a debt collection lawsuit, DO NOT IGNORE IT.  You have either 10 days (city/parish court) or 15 days (district court) to respond to the lawsuit.  Failure to respond to the lawsuit, will allow the creditor to obtain a default judgment against you, meaning, you could have a judgment lien issued against you without ever having a hearing before a judge.

If you are sued by a creditor, you have a right to defend the lawsuit.  There may be multiple valid defenses available that will allow you to defeat the lawsuit.  If you have been sued by a creditor, give us a call to discuss it free of charge.  We can review the suit, let you know what defenses may be available, and tell you exactly how much our services will cost.  We charge affordable flat fees on all debt defense matters.

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